Labor Law

The Labor Law Department, headed by attorney Sivan Gavrieli, provides a wide range of legal services to companies and employers in the field of private and collective labor law. The department places a great emphasis on providing quality and professional legal services tailored to the client’s needs, in the company’s routine business activities alongside handling disputes and disagreements.

The department provides services in all aspects of labor law, including:

Litigation and representation in the labor courts and in alternative dispute resolution proceedings (mediations, arbitrations, privatization committees, committees for obtaining a permit for dismissal of a pregnant worker, etc.).

  • Drafting employment agreements, procedures and policies tailored to each and every client, and accompanying employers in recruitment procedures. Accompanying employers in dismissal process, including reduction of man power. Drafting confidentiality agreements and protecting intellectual property.
  • Legal services concerning collective agreements and extension orders, including accompanying employers in the process of organizing workers and collective negotiation, as well as preparing a legal opinions concerning labor laws. Legal advice and support in merger and acquisition transactions in all aspects related to labor and employment. Ongoing legal services to employers on labor law issues. Drafting freelance engagement agreements.
  • Advice and guidance in the employment of foreign workers, including the drafting of employment agreements in various languages.

Attorney Sivan Gavrieli

Labor Law, Litigation, Commercial
and Contract

Attorney Sarit Shaharbani

Litigation, Labor Law

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