Family and Inheritance Law

The Department of Family and Inheritance Law, led by Attorney Ravit Deskel, who specializes in family law in all its forms: family law, divorce, alimony, custody, inheritance, wills, family mediation, continuing power of attorney, paternity, guardianship, financial agreements, division of property, common-law couples and more.


Attorney Ravit Deskel, who leads the department, believes in providing a personal, tailor made services, to each client according to his unique circumstances, including – formulating the right strategy for the circumstances of the case; careful and thorough planning of all moves and all necessary measures; maintaining maximum discretion; And with a constant willingness to give a professional and immediate response to any matter that requires treatment, dedication and the highest availability.


The department’s staff works tirelessly to provide unique and creative legal solutions that combine innovation and originality – both through negotiating and formulating arrangements; and through litigation and legal proceedings, in all civil courts and rabbinical courts.


Attorney Deskel, takes personal treatment of each client, out of a desire to provide each client with the best professional and quality of care.

רוית דסקל שוורץ

Attorney Ravit Deskal-Schwartz

Family and Mediation

מן התקשורת

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