About the firm

The Simon, Essar, Deskel & Co. law firm and notary, was founded in 2006 and is a leading law firm that provides its clients, commercial and private entities, a wide range of legal services.

The firm’s lawyers specialize in providing a comprehensive solution to their clients, while providing a complete legal solution for the clients, business and personal activities, all under one roof.

As a leading firm, we provide our clients with legal services from various fields based on partnership, personal connection and setting common goals for the firm and the client.

The department heads in our offices are involved and accompany each client personally until the end of the handling of their affairs, the team of professional and dedicated lawyers, works for the success of the clients and to provide good and quality service.

Attorney Ziv Simon

Real Estate and Urban Renewal, Notary

Attorney Elon Essar

Litigation, commercial law and contracts

Attorney Ravit Deskal-Schwartz

Family and Mediation